Service is of the utmost importance to us as well as to the clients we serve.  Cabinetry By Design, LLC offers many intangible services in addition to their products.  Our design service involves you, the homeowner, in the creation, development, and implementation of the design.  Every step of the way, you are involved in this process for your new kitchen or bath.

We educate our clients on various styles, finishes, features and options for cabinetry and related products specific to their project.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t worry – we can handle that too!  Let our consumer friendly product literature help you sort out the details of your project in the comfort of your home.

Once the design decisions are made and the drawings are completed, we specify the products that are right for you.  The client knows what to expect from our clear and concise project documents, of which they receive a copy at the time of contract signing.  There are no hidden fees or surprises throughout the project process. 

But what kind of products do we offer?  Keep reading below to learn more about our brands and products. 


Bridgewood Cabinetry

This framed/frameless line of cabinets is customizable without the custom price.  Some standard features include solid wood dovetail drawer boxes; full extend, undermount drawer slides; easy to maintain interiors; fully adjustable interior shelves; as well as endless combinations of door styles, wood stains and painted finishes.  Wood species available include Maple; Oak; Cherry and Knotty Cherry; Hickory and Knotty Hickory; and Knotty Alder.


Today, countertops are fabricated out of many different materials, including natural stone, man-made materials and even concrete.  Some of the more popular materials used and offered at Cabinetry By Design, LLC are laminate, cultured marble, solid surfacing, granite, quartzite, and quartz.  Other materials are available upon request.

Laminates are all around us.  Almost any material can be simulated in laminate: wood, marble, solid surfacing, granites, and quartz to name a few.  Laminates are typically low in cost, and easy to replace.  However, this material does scratch, so be careful to choose the best application for it.

Cultured Marble is a material most commonly found in the bathroom.  “Cultured” simply refers to the simulated marble appearance.  It is not actual marble, but a product similar in looks.  Cultured Marble tops, especially in the bathroom application, are typically a one piece configuration.  This means that the sink bowl and backsplash are molded into the countertop.  There is no need for an additional purchase of a sink bowl.  This is a cost savings, as well as an upgrade over a typical laminate countertop.  This product is designed specifically for bathroom application and is not meant for to be used for a kitchen where the wear and tear on the material is greater.

Solid Surfacing is similar to Cultured Marble in that it is a fabricated product.  Typically an acrylic composite, it provides a seamless appearance with integrated sink bowls and backsplashes.  Many consumers enjoy this product for its appearance and its ability to be molded in any application.  There are a variety of colors available, based on each individual manufacturer of solid surfacing.  This material also has a predictable nature of the colors.  Unlike granite, solid surfacing undergoes a man-made fabrication process which creates the color patterns and veining throughout the entire slab of material.  The result is more controlled and consistent colors, from one slab to the next.  Some brand names include: Corian (by Dupont) and LG Hi-Macs. 

Granite is a natural material mined straight from the earth.  It is found all over the world and each piece is unique, depending upon its country of origin and color scheme.  Once a luxury item, granite is now very common in the kitchen and bathroom as a countertop material, as well as for tub and fireplace surrounds, flooring and many more applications.  Granite’s uniqueness comes from the location of its mining.  Because it comes from the earth, no two pieces are exactly alike.  It is because of this natural patterning, that granite is so popular today.  Some granite slabs can have wild and erratic patterns, while others are more consistent and relatively absent of patterning or veining. 

Quartzite looks like marble and performs like granite.  Not to be confused with engineered stone (quartz), Quartzite is natural stone material that is similar in appearance to marble. It is an extremely durable countertop material and does not etch or stain like marble. There are many options for colors and it frequently comes with a white or light colored background and marble-like veining.

Quartz products have characteristics of both solid surfacing and granite.  Some say that the product is the best of both worlds.  Quartz countertops boast the consistency of color and patterning similar to that of solid surfacing with the durability granite.  The pattern and veining of quartz has come a long way and offers a variety of color selections.  Some brand names include Zodiac (by Dupont), Cambria, and Silestone (by Cosentino).


Decorative hardware and cabinet accessories are also available through Cabinetry By Design, LLC.  There are various manufacturers available for even the most unique tastes, so please ask your designer for more information regarding these options.

No kitchen is complete without updating the sink and faucets. If you are in need of a new one, Cabinetry By Design, LLC can fulfill that need too with their various types of sinks available. There are 2 main distinctions in sinks: self-rimming, also known as drop-in, and undermount. Drop-in sinks are more commonly found with laminate countertops where as undermount sinks are better suited to granite and quartz products. Solid surfacing and cultured marble will have their own selection of matching integrated bowls. For more information, please speak with your designer.

Still want more information?  Not sure how to get started?  Your new kitchen or bath project is just a couple of clicks away from beginning!

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