Kitchen Renovations

Thinking about beginning the process of changing or updating your kitchen? Have problems like hard to reach corners, inoperable drawers, or dead space in your current kitchen? Then look no further!  Renovating your kitchen is an exciting transformational process that will restore

Bathroom Renovations

Not only does Cabinetry By Design, LLC design, specify and install kitchen products, but they can transform your outdated bathroom as well.  Homeowners can upgrade their existing vanity countertops by changing materials, as pictured below. Homeowners can also choose to completely renovate

And Everything Else

Kitchens and bathrooms are not the only types of projects we can do. Here are some pictures of other types of projects we have completed in the past. Really, the sky is the limit!  

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Here’s What Homeowners Have To Say…

"We just wanted to express again how grateful and appreciative we are to you for making our basement renovation a reality. The bathroom has greatly enhanced the usability of our basement and we know it was key to our house selling quickly!"

"Thank you so much for your help with our bathroom. I am enjoying all its newness and I'm sure I will for a long time to come!"

"Many, many thanks for your fantastic job in designing, planning, and coordinating the remodel of our kitchen. You were so easy to work with, helping us to make decisions along the way. All the people that you work with were so very nice, wanting to do the best job possible!"

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How do you use technology in your job? I have found marking up photos in the field helps to communicate details to clients on the fly. Take this project for instance... we mapped out how the wall would be spaced, then sent it off to the client for approval. Once approved, we begin putting that design in motion. Click through to see how this worked out for this project.

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Another style of the corner sink is the butterfly sink. This is even more rare in application because the bowls are 90 degrees to one another. The cabinet physically takes up less space and is truly meant as a space saver!

If you would like to see the corner sink, or need a little refresher on what it is, check out last week's post!

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Corners in kitchens are infamous for being black holes of "I forgot that was in there!". We don't want an inch of wasted space in the kitchen! Corner sinks are one solution to making use of an otherwise not so user-friendly area. Keep in mind, however, that not every kitchen needs a corner sink. Careful planning must be used in relation to the placement of the range, dishwasher and refrigerator when implementing this style of sink.

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Check out this new material - Quartzite... it looks like marble and performs like granite! I recently discovered this material while picking a slab for a renovation project. Not to be confused with engineered stone (quartz), Quartzite is natural stone material that is similar in appearance to marble. It is extremely durable as countertop materials go and does not etch or stain like marble. There are many options for colors and it frequently comes with a white or light colored background and marble-like veining.

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